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Jessica Cox

Amazon Review of False Start

For me this read was a Masterpiece, it had everything and a cherry on top. It stayed on my mind and I can't get the characters outta my head. This is an unforgettable story about a girl turning into a woman and how her life keeps giving her utter crud, big piles of cow manure, but she keeps moving on and surviving. 

Nikki Wrey

Goodreads Review of Pivot Line

Rebel Farris is absolutely one of those intelligent writers who can craft intricately woven stories that will really really stick. This duet is so suspenseful I felt like I was trailing a giant maze bumping with the characters at every turn, with each of them morphing and orchestrating to mess up your brain even more. The back and forth between the past and the present - I. Love. It. Flawlessly told. Like I said, intelligent storytelling.

Kelley Needles

Amazon Review of Snapshot

Romantic suspense at it's finest! The intricate details and weaving of this story did not disapoint. Just when you think you have everything figured out...BAM there's the twist and your jaw drops. Yes! It's that good. I can't say any more other than it's worth the click. Why are you reading this review when you should be reading Snapshot?!

About the author

Rebel Farris

Rebel Farris was born and raised in Texas. She's lived in and around Houston for most of her life, where she got a degree in Finance and had three kids. When she's not busy writing her newest project, she can probably be found curling up with a good book, hiding behind a lens of one of her many cameras, or going on adventures with her kids. 

Champion of the anti-hero, Rebel loves to write suspenseful and unpredictable stories while making people fall in love with the bad guy and the broken souls. She prizes loyalty and understanding from her friends above all. And frequently features chosen family and solid friendships to reflect the blessings life has given her.

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